Student Services

Student Life

The Office of Student Life is located on the first floor of the Cornish Commons and can be reached at (206) 726-5003 or by email at The Office of Student Life is dedicated to enhancing and complementing Cornish College of the Arts students’ educational experience through programs, services, and opportunities that aid in their personal development, including accommodations and accessibility services, Cornish Student Senate, Registered Student Organizations, and personalized support from Student Success Coaches.

The Office of Student Life is committed to the following principles:

  • Community Building
    Providing programs that encourage, enhance and maintain a sense of community on campus.
  • Co-curricular Learning
    Providing out-of-class experiences that complement in-class learning.
  • Student Support
    Providing programs and services to ensure student success and persistence towards graduation.
  • Student Involvement
    Providing opportunities for students to take an active role in the Cornish community.

Student Grievances

Please see the Student Handbook for information on Academic and Non-Academic Grievances.

Housing & Residence Life

Living on campus offers students a unique living-learning experience that nurtures creativity and intellectual curiosity. All new students are required to live on campus and purchase a meal plan for their first academic year. Certain students are eligible to apply for a housing and meal plan exemption. For more information about on-campus housing or exemptions visit

Residence Hall Charges 2019/2020

The following rates reflect the housing cost per student. These rates include all utilities and amenities and are subject to change.

Housing Rates

Rooms Academic Yr. Semester
Single $11,208 $5,604
Single (w/kitchen) $13,304 $6,652
Double $9,064 $4,532
Double (w/kitchen) $11,208 $5,604
Triple $8,112 $4,056

Meal Plan

Meal Plan Academic Yr. Semester
Denny Meal Plan $3,600 $1,800
Coffee Lovers Meal Plan $4,400 $2,200
Capitol Hill Meal Plan $2,700 $1,350

Campus Security

Cornish College of the Arts believes in providing a safe and welcoming environment to enhance the well-being of students, faculty, staff, and visitors, along with the protection of all college assets. The College is located in a downtown urban environment; therefore, every member of the campus community is expected to take reasonable precautions to protect themselves and their property.

The Office of Campus Safety & Security is a team committed to ensuring the safety and security of Cornish College of the Arts’ campus community. Overseen by the Vice President of Operations, they are comprised of a Director of Campus Safety and Security, a Site Supervisor, and 10 Security Officers. The department is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round and has jurisdiction at all campus buildings.

Cornish College of the Arts vests in its Office of Campus Safety & Security responsibility for overall campus safety and investigations of any alleged crimes. It is strongly requested that any office, department or employee of the College that receives information relating to alleged crimes immediately report that information to Campus Safety & Security.

If a campus community member is involved in an off-campus offense, the College will cooperate, when requested, with local law enforcement concerning an investigation of reported crimes.

Additionally, Campus Safety & Security personnel are obligated as representatives of the College to enforce institutional rules and regulations. They have the authority to ask persons for identification to determine whether individuals have lawful business at the College and to administer trespass notices to those who do not. Campus Safety & Security staff has the authority to issue parking tickets on behalf of the College. The security staff is non-sworn, contracted through Northwest Security Services and licensed through the State of Washington. They receive training in the following subjects: criminal law, civil law, public relations, sexual violence, emergency response, interpersonal communication, crisis intervention, defense tactics, Title IX compliance and protection of persons and property

Cornish Library

All incoming freshmen receive an orientation to library services and an introduction to academic research and writing during the first year. Through these workshops, Cornish librarians help students develop key research skills necessary to achieve their creative and academic goals. Cornish Librarians assist with research questions of all types and provide information literacy instruction tailored to individual courses and projects throughout all four years. Advising is also available for media presentations.

The Cornish Library is located on the 2nd floor in the Main Campus Center. Study areas are equipped with wireless internet access. Other facilities and services include a student computer lab, fee-based black-and-white and color printing and photocopying, free document scanning to a USB drive, and a media center for playing/copying analog and digital media formats.

Collections in the Library include books, scripts, scores, periodicals, sound recordings, videos, slides and digital images focusing on the visual and performing arts as well as humanities and sciences topics related to the curriculum.

Online collections include electronic books with broad subject coverage as well as extensive databases of journal articles, digital images, streaming music, and videos.  

Interlibrary loan is available for materials not held in the collection and students are eligible for free access to Seattle Public Library and King County Libraries and all their online databases.

The Library’s online catalog, research databases, and information about all Library services are available at  Detailed policies on loan periods and overdue/lost materials can be found on the website and in the Student Handbook.

Counseling Services

Counseling Services assists students with their personal academic and artistic pursuits by providing supportive mental health counseling, referrals in the Seattle community when appropriate, and outreach programs that promote student mental health and emotional well-being. Our services are preventative and educational in nature and are offered from a developmental perspective. Counseling Services is located on the first floor of the Cornish Commons behind the Office of Student Life. You can call 206.726.5027 for more information or visit our website at

Student Health Insurance

In accordance with the Affordable Care Act, all Cornish students are required to have health insurance.  There are a variety of options for health care for students.  Students can be covered under a parent/guardian’s policy until age 26 or can choose your own health insurance plan.  To explore all options, please visit

Study Abroad

Cornish College of the Arts believes that international understanding can enhance a student’s development as an artist and as a citizen of the world. To that end, the College supports summer study abroad sessions and is pleased to provide the opportunity for its students to enrich their Cornish degree programs with a meaningful international experience.

Minimum Requirements for Eligibility

  • Junior standing during the semester abroad
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Completed Cornish Application for Semester Study Abroad

All coursework must be approved in advance if it is to be used to meet Cornish degree requirements. Interested students should apply through the Registration & Records Office. Students should plan on applying no later than nine months before the term of the intended study; see the Study Abroad page of the website for deadlines. Ideally, students are encouraged to contact the Registration & Records Office at the end of the fall term of their sophomore year.

Writing Center

The Writing Center provides Cornish students with free personalized writing support through individualized face-to-face half-hour conferences and online video feedback. Writers use the Writing Center to chat with consultants about any kind of writing and at any stage of their writing process. The Writing Center is located in the Main Campus Center in room 212 and holds office hours at Kerry Hall.  For more information about hours, services, to book an appointment, or send in writing for feedback, visit Email or call 206.315.5806 with any questions.